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Summer's Heat

Submitted by: Nikki Peterson
Phone: 815-970-0297
Email Address: aariesgrl18(at)
Date Added: 8/24/2014

This summer is a lot different for my horse and I coming from the Suburbs of Chicago to horse country. The temperatures have really changed our daily routines. Since moved I have opted out of riding in the middle of the day in the dead summer's heat! Now I drag myself out of bed while the sun is starting to peak through or later in the evening. I have found some great ideas through various places. First is don't leave your after ride drink in the car because it will be boiling by the time you get to it. Then there is evening turn out which is nonexistent in Northern Illinois. Allowing the horses to rest in front of fans all day with turn out after dinner makes for a very happy horse who isn't combating the flies and the heat! Lastly, the funniest yet most genius beat the heat idea is putting frozen gallon milk jugs in the outdoor water troughs to keep the algae from forming and of course keeping it more palatable.

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