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KY Equestrian BUMPER STICKERS now available!

Submitted by: Kentucky Equestrian
Email Address: danielle(at)
Date Added: 9/5/2014

We work hard. We sweat. We get dirty. We ride on.



In case the world couldn't tell that you're a horsey person by the mud & gravel on your truck, the trailer hitch, or the piles of tack / boots in your back seat...

get our bumper sticker to show your excuse that "I'm a Kentucky Equestrian" !!!
Put it on your truck, your trailer, or on your tack trunk.

We're proud to be Equestrians, and we're proud to be in the horse capital of the U.S. -- Kentucky!

Stickers are $3.50 + shipping

Available in White or Blue

Contact to get yours today !

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