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Equine Insurance Insights: When to File a Claim

Submitted by: Danielle Aamodt
Phone: 267-972-1491
Email Address: DanielleAamodt(at)gmail
Date Added: 6/21/2016


When to File a Claim

The rule of thumb is: If you're not sure, then CALL. 

I see this often. Clients don't think to call about a laceration, a swollen eye, or a lameness, especially if the expenses stay under their deductible amount. But then a month later the issue has escalated & the Vet bills are piling up.

Insurance companies prefer immediate notification of health issues. If you wait too long, it may affect your coverage. It's better to call your insurance agent & notify them of a POSSIBLE claim, so it is on record. If it resolves quickly, then it's no big deal. But if not, then at least they have it on file that you notified them of the issue.

Keep your agent informed, and they will help you manage the process.

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