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Paid Internship with Accomodation

Date Added: 1/5/2024
Posted By: Christine Mitchell
3823 Garth Road    [ MAP ]
Charlottesville,   VA  
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Phone: 4342787051

Job Title: Equestrian Barn Intern
Location: Double C Ranch LLC, Charlottesville, VA
Type: Internship with Accommodation
Job Description:
We are excited to offer a comprehensive internship opportunity at our equestrian facility for individuals passionate about horses and eager to deepen their knowledge and skills in various equestrian disciplines. This position is ideal for someone seeking hands-on experience in horse care, training, and barn management.
Horse Care and Management:
Assist with daily horse care, including feeding, grooming, and health checks.
Manage the turnout routine, ensuring horses are safely turned out overnight and brought in each morning.
Maintain cleanliness and order in stalls and barn areas.
Riding and Training:
Participate in grooming and tacking horses for training sessions.
Opportunities to learn and practice different riding disciplines, including jumping, dressage, western dressage, barrel racing and cattle work.
Involvement in groundwork and the training of young horses under expert supervision.
Teaching and Learning:
Learn to teach riding lessons under the guidance of experienced instructors.
Gain experience in liberty training methods.
Opportunity to follow and learn from the world-renowned German equestrian curriculum.
Barn Maintenance:
Assist in general barn maintenance and upkeep.
Ensure that all tack and equipment are properly maintained and stored.
Event Participation:
Opportunity to participate in horse shows and events, gaining exposure to a competitive equestrian environment.
Basic experience with horse care and handling.
Strong interest in equestrian sports and a willingness to learn.
Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
Commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and animal welfare.
Physical ability to perform barn-related tasks.
On-site accommodation provided.
A rich learning environment with exposure to various aspects of equestrianism.
Personal development opportunities in riding, teaching, and horse training.
Potential for growth and advancement in equestrian skills and knowledge.
To Apply:
Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in this position and any relevant experience with horses, including a video of you riding a horse w/t/c.

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