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Lexington ,KY
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Phone: (502) 572-8407

Are you tired of farriers not calling you back? Tired of them not listening to your concerns about your horse? Then you are looking in the right place now! I am a farrier located in Lexington KY but I travel throughout Ky. I am regularly in Louisville and the bowling green area and many places in between. I served a four year apprenticeship shoeing race horses. I have a lot of experience with lame horses because of that. I have been under thousands of horses. I have experience with cold shoeing as well as glueing and patching. I have experience in many breeds of horses, from minis to draft. From performance to pasture pets. I charge very competitive rates and I understand that in today's economy what that means. I try not to charge trip fees as many do. I usually don't unless it is only 1 horse and I am making a special trip just for you and even then I usually just charge for gas and not my time driving I promise that I'll always return phone calls. I'll always keeps my appointments I'll always try to do the best for your horse and the best for your pocket book I'll even give my prices so you know up from what most are. Trim $25 2 shoes and trim $50 4 shoes $75 Borium and drill tek are $10 extra because of the cost of the shoes Patching starts at $50 and goes up because of the size and difficulty If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment then feel free to give me a call at or email me at Remember, No Hoof No Horse