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Phone: 502 249 0752

Horses are unique creatures, every one of them characteristically different than the next. The methods used on one does not necessarily work for the other. Equine professionals, especially Farriers, should recognize and respect that fact. Not only do Farriers have a responsibility to provide the most natural, balanced hoofcare possible but they must be able to assess each horse according to thier individuality and personality.

Not every horse requires the application of shoes, many horses are bioligically and genetically capable of going barefoot. A Farrier should be able to make his/her recommendations based on sound advice that applies both common sense, knowledge, and experience.

Ultimately, the client/owner knows the horse best and a good Farrier is one who values the horse owner's opinion and takes that information into consideration to make appropriate decisions and recommendations based on the priorities of the horse.


Jody is an Army Veteran who continues to serve God and country. He is a family man who has been married to Jennifer for nine years and together they have a six year old girl and a three year old boy. He has been working with, studying, and bonding with horses for over twenty-five years whereas he started training when he was twelve years old. He completed an apprenticeship with Farrier Cheryl Newton of Coxs Creek, Kentucky in 2001 and began his horseshoeing career thereafter. His business was interupted by multiple deployments therefore he no longer practices the art on a full time capacity due to his employment with the Department of Defense; however he now resides in Versailles, Kentucky and is committed to helping horses. He is experienced in several disciplines to include corrective, therapeutic, and natural balance trimming. He continues to accept new clients and looks forward to establishing working relationships with both human and equine alike.