Kentucky Equestrian Green Pages: Dever Golf Cart Rentals

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Dever Golf Cart Rentals   [ MAP ]
2286 Frankfort Court
Lexington,KY 40510
Contact Person:
Email Address:
Website: http://
Phone: 859.455.8596

Also located at the KENTUCKY HORSE PARK
April through November
Phone: 859.233.9702
Fax: 859.281.9653
4809 Iron Works Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

KHP Dever, Inc. Office is not open 24 hours. Orders that need to be delivered between 7PM and 9AM should be placed BEFORE 6PM of arrival date to ensure desired evening / early morning delivery.

April through November: Onsite staff are available 7 days a week for the show season.
December through March: No onsite staff, but orders can still be delivered to stall by completing our online pre-order form.

We also have hay and grain available. We carry Purina, Pennfield, Triple Crown, and Legends brands, as well as miscellaneous items such as wheat bran and oats. The list below shows a few of these. Please call to inquire about availability of anything not listed.