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Mini J's Farm   [ MAP ]
52146 ST RT 26
Jerusalem,OH 43747
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Phone: (740)-926-2079

We bought our first mini donkey to be a pasture mate to our pygmy goats. It wasn't long before
We realized how sweet and loving these little guys were. We were in LOVE with our little donkey.
Though he was happy running with his goats. We went looking for another donkey to be his best
friend. While visiting this farm. I fell in love with 3 donkeys. I just couldn't decide which one I
wanted. So I did the right thing and bought all 3 !! LOL The rest is history !! We now only have
a handful of goats as pets. And our donkey are our main focus. I just can't imagine life without
my little donkeys

Over the years we have worked hard to buy and breed quality stock. We want to raise the
very best donkeys we can. We invest as much into our jennets as we do our jacks. And feel
you can tell it in our foals. We are very happy with our quality. And each and every year try to
produce better than the year before.

All of our donkeys are handled daily. They love human attention. Our donkeys come running
to you. You never have to chase one to work with him / her. And I can guarantee you will
know one of our donkeys ( one born and raised here ) from some we have purchased. Just by
the personality.

Mini J's Farm plans to have a little something for everyone !! From Micro Mini to Wooly !!
And everything in between !! Each year we will have a great variety of foals available. Keep
checking our web site for up dates. If your interested in one of our donkeys feel free to ask.
We offer adults from time to time. Or if your interested in a future foal. Please let us know
and we will put you on our waiting list.

All of our donkeys are on a regular hoof care schedule, worming schedule and receive proper

If your looking for quality, happy, healthy, extremely loving miniature donkeys. You may want
to come visit us !! We have them here at Mini J's Farm. : )