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PO Box 185
franklin,KY 42135
Contact Person: Quality Pole Barns
Email Address:
Phone: 270-776-2508

Pole Barns Built On Site: We use 6x6 treated post spaced every 10ft apart and buried 3ft deep, we put a 2x6 treated band around the bottom so if you ever want to do concrete it is set up for it, we use 2x6 pine on our side walls and gable ends for all the wall metal to fasten to, at the very top we use a 2x6 inside and outside header for the trusses to sit on, our trusses are spaced every 5ft apart and on top of the trusses we use 2x4s spaced every 2ft on center, we use #1 metal, trim, and screws with 20 colors to choose from with a 40 year warranty, we can build from 12ft wide to 60ft wide and how ever long you need them and we can go as tall as 22ft with them, all buildings come with a entry door and a sliding door or if you don't want the sliding door we can leave a frame out, we also offer windows, skylights, insulation, and split sliding doors as an option, below are some of our standard sizes, we have lots of references available, if you are interested in having a barn built call us at 270-776-2508 please leave zipcode.
Location and codes may affect prices.
Lots Of Other Sizes Available
We don't do concrete or garage doors
We cover all of Kentucky and Tennessee

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