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Long Ear Equine Massage   [ MAP ]
2200 Grimes Mill Rd
Lexington,KY 40515
Contact Person: Alissa Poland
Email Address:
Phone: 8593979036

Offering quality, affordable equine massage services to Central Kentucky from a certified equine massage therapist (CEMT). Long Ear Equine Massage believes all equines -big and small, pleasure or competitive- can benefit from massage and bodywork. Visit the "Services & Appt" page to learn more. Travel area includes Lexington, Winchester, Richmond, and surrounding areas.

Long Ear Equine Massage LLC focuses primarily on sports massage therapy techniques that work to alleviate soft tissue aches and pain associated with physical activity which includes the use of trigger point (muscle "knot") therapy.

Long Ear Equine Massage LLC is here to offer customized bodywork from a certified equine massage therapist for your equine companion. We are happy to work with all horses, ponies and -of course!- mules and donkeys. We want to work on what your horse needs and we tailor your session to the horse each time. We are happy to work with special-needs cases as well, including rescued horses, horses with limited handling, and horses recovering from injuries (cleared by your vet to receive massage care). Please contact us to share about your horse!

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